Wigglesworth Furniture Appraisals, We Appraise All Styles of Furniture
Brand New, Used, Antique, Brand Name, Generic, All Rooms & All Pieces


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Serving the Southwest Florida Area
Tampa - Bradenton - Sarasota - Venice - Naples

Appraise one piece of furniture or an entire household. We charge competitive appraisal fees starting at $35. Next day service available.

Why Know The Value of Your Furniture?
There are many reasons including the following:

Real Estate Purposes
Buying or selling a home with furniture in it?  What is it really worth?  We can provide you with its fair market value.

Insurance Purposes
Know the appraised value of your furniture in case of a storm, hurricane, flood or fire. We can provide you with pics and a DVD video of your furniture as well.

Probate Taxes
For purposes of estate taxes upon death or the inheritance of furniture, we can provide you with an accurate value.

Divorce / Separation
Need to split the furniture in half? We can provide you with an accurate value of what it's really worth.

Basic Info
Know the overall value of your furniture.

 Contact Barry Wigglesworth at 941.321.7926 for an Appointment.