Hi Debbie,

I have the appraisal, thank you so much for your prompt and excellent service. 

Best Regards,

Matt Burnett


I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for being you. I have never had to worry about you entering the inspection date (prior to it occurring) or getting reports back to me on time. I've never had to come after you 2-4 days after a correction has been found to ask you where the revised report is. I never hear my staff moan when they see they have one of your reports in our queue to be reviewed. I never have to call you asking about stats on a report. You actually tell me when you add or remove someone from your company and send me the appropriate required information instead of making me chase it down when we get a report from an appraiser we have never heard of. I cannot begin to tell you how much easier you make my life with the way you handle your business. If I could find a way to clone you I would plant you all over FL and send you 100% of my orders!

So again, thanks for doing everything you do. It may not be mentioned often but it is greatly appreciated on this end.

Hope you have a great day, and please extend my appreciation to your staff as well.


Kris Tatter 

North Coast Valuations LLC


Dear Debra:

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the great land report. It was thorough, answered all my questions and actually contained all the items necessary to make this a USPAP compliant report which many appraisers have problems doing as the land form is a dated form and not at all compliant.

Great Job!

Thank you. Caryn
Caryn Blauser
Fifth Third Bank
Real Estate Valuation Group
201 E Kennedy Blvd., Suite 200
MD:  T2012A
Tampa, FL 33602


Debra/Diana… Thanks for all on time work and communication with Appraiservendor.com.. your work is appreciated and we receive good feed back from Liberty Savings on your work..

Doug Grady, Quality Control


"A well written report starts with a highly qualified appraiser."


Thank you Debbie and David,Great job and very extensive.That's why I chose you guys - you are the best.


Omer J. Quesnel, PA

York Real Estate, Inc.

3900 Clark Rd.

Sarasota, FL 34233

Cell:  941-400-0792


I want thank you for the work you did on the Longboat Key land appraisal we discussed. I have to compliment your work. You told the story about the property that shows thoroughness far beyond what I routinely encounter on an appraisal. Your name will be at the top of my residential appraisers list and I will not hesitate to refer customers to you with confidence.

Regards, Kim

Kimberly Rogers | Associate
CB Richard Ellis | Brokerage Services
101 Arthur Andersen Parkway Suite 160
Sarasota, FL 34232
T 941 341 9710 | F 941 341 9790
Kimberly.Rogers@cbre.com | www.cbre.com/kimberly.rogers


Thanks Debbie and you are very deserving of the compliment. 

We appreciate all of the great efforts you put forth for us and look forward to continuing our business relationship.


Thanks again.

Laura Parish

Senior Account Manager

Allstate Appraisal, L.P.

National Valuation and Review Services

320 West 202nd Street

Chicago Heights, Illinois  60411 

Phone: 866-799-9009 Ext. 142   Fax: 708-754-8504

Email: laurap@allstateappraisal.net

Dear Debbie, I really appreciated your kind words to my clients, the Bernards. Too bad the appraisal didn't work out but your professionalism is really respected. Thank you for your complete due diligence on the Shaw appraisal. I'm pleased to be able to recommend you.
Sincerely, Michelle Crabtree
Immediate Past Chapter President (2008) of the Women's Council of Realtors Sarasota Chapter

Linda:   Thanks, please thank Dave for his prompt and thorough work. As I study the appraisal if I have questions I will call or e-mail you. I will also recommend your services to others.


Kelly Pluta



Debbie – excellent field review. Much appreciated. Between your report and mine, I believe we have some compelling arguments for Fannie. You’d be surprised how difficult it is getting a solid field review just about anywhere in the country – even from designated appraisers. I’m always thrilled when I get one that addresses all the issues and anticipates my questions. Thanks again. I’ll be in touch when another review in your area pops up.

David L. Fry Review Appraiser/Audit

Debbie, thank you for the prompt and quality service you provide to the clients that we refer to you. 

Timothy W. Gensmer, P.A.
2831 Ringling Blvd, Suite 202-A
Sarasota, FL 34237
(941) 952-9377 Telephone
(941) 954-5605 Fax

Debbie -
  Thanks for the time you spent with my daughter Mandy and the encouraging words you shared with her. I recieved the appraisal and will forward it to her attorney.
  Have a blessed day!!!!!
Joe Arena

Hello Debbie,

Thank You and David for such an outstanding job!!!!!It is such an amazing tool to use when listing a home.

Thank You once again, I have been passing your name around!!!!

Peter Salefsky, Michael Saunders and Company

The last house I had you appraise sold in 8 Days !!!!!!

Hi Debbie,My daughter just had an appraisal done by Dan DiRocco and she said he did a great job and suggested he come and sponsor an Office Meeting. If you guys would like to do that, we are booking March right now. Just let me know, we meet on Tues at 9:45.

Lisa Blakeley, Realtor at Michael Saunders & Co


Debbie,Thank you, this appraisal should certainly satisfy the New York State Medicaid application requirement.

I am very impressed by the professionalism, completeness, and timeliness of your very thorough appraisal.

I can forward the appraisal onto Debbie Slezak and will contact Dave if there are any questions.

My mother and I are very grateful for this information.

Sincerely, Joe Masi


Dear Daniel,

I would like to take a minute to thank you for your hard work on 828947. The CoesterVMS Quality Control team reviewed the report and it has been delivered to the client prior to the due date. Because of files like this, we are able to provide great service to our lender partners. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without your efforts.

I understand that you have options when choosing to do business with an AMC. Thank you for being a valued Appraiser Partner of CoesterVMS.


Brendon Kelley
VP, Operations